The Hype Handbook —12 Indispensable Success Secrets from the World’s Greatest Propagandists, Self-Promotes, Cult Leaders, Mishief Makers, and Boundary Breakers

By Michael F. Schein

Hardcover, 202 pages, 2021,

McGraw Hill

This book will tell you how to create hype to reach your goals.

“Hype allows those without power to gain access to it. It provides those on the bottom the ability to leapfrog over those at the top, or at least to get where they want to go through a side door. It gives the ignored a chance to grab attention and the unconnected a chance to penetrate inner circles.”

Michael breaks down 12 strategies to create hype. It’s like a modern “Art of War” but the enemy is anonymity. He cites real-world examples of hyped YouTube stars like Gary V, authors, companies, countries, and leaders.

“Instead of crafting logical arguments, hype artists unfurl great tableaus of conflict, heroism, courage, belonging, and meaning….the best among them can make it happen with words alone.”

His goal is to teach hype to the good guys because the bad guys already know about it.

He wants “the best people making the best stuff [to be] armed with the strategies to most effectively—and ethically—attract attention to what they’re doing” to make the greatest impact.

“Imagine a world where the best ideas, the greatest products, the most interesting art, and the most meaningful causes don’t get swallowed up and forgotten…That is what hype can give us.”

An invaluable reference for anyone who wants to make a splash.