• SMC offers P1 trillion to government to manage NAIA in the next 25 years

    SMC offers P1 trillion to government to manage NAIA in the next 25 years

    In RSA’s strategic visioning, San Miguel’s business is not beer, not beverages, not food, not flour, not feeds, not packaging, not gasoline and diesel, not energy, not tollways—but growth and development. With three airports—Bulacan, NAIA, […]



    THE 19TH CONGRESS UNDER SPEAKER FERDINAND MARTIN G. ROMUALDEZ The most reform-minded Congress If things seem brighter, better and more buoyant these days for millions of Filipinos, they have President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. and […]

  • An irrelevant Constitution

    An irrelevant Constitution

    By TONY LOPEZ On Feb. 2,1987, the 1987 Constitution was ratified. On Feb. 11, 1987, it came into force. Approved by the 48-member 1986 Constitutional Commission on Oct. 12, 1986, the 1987 Constitution was presented […]

  • Cha-cha momentum

    Cha-cha momentum

    By Antonio S. Lopez Two kinds of charter change: One, amendment; and two, revision.  Amendment is like changing the old dirty oil of a car engine.  Revision is like overhauling a car’s engine or replacing […]

  • The 3 major crises today

    The 3 major crises today

    Food shortages, joblessness, and tension in South China Sea By Antonio S. Lopez Filipinos are in the grip of three major crises: a food shortage, joblessness, and the West Philippine Sea tension. The food shortage […]



    Traffic costs the economy P3.5 billion a day for Metro Manila and P2.4 billion for surrounding provinces such as Bulacan, Rizal, Laguna, and Cavite. By TONY LOPEZ The Marcos Jr. administration is undertaking the most massive transport […]

  • Philippines: Paving the way to a robust economic future

    Philippines: Paving the way to a robust economic future

    The Philippine economy has performed well despite a challenging economic and financial environment in 2023 beset by ongoing geopolitical tensions, imposition of trade restrictions, and extreme weather events resulting in high domestic commodity prices, especially […]

  • Mass stupidity (1)

    Mass stupidity (1)

    Filipino 15-year-olds are among the most stupid teeners on earth.  They cannot count beyond 20.  They cannot read.  If ever they can read, they don’t understand what they read.  They don’t know science, the how […]