Hi! I am Ivy. Welcome to my nonfiction book review.

When I was in law school, we had to read about 12 cases a day of 5-10 pages each. As a memory aid, timesaver, or shortcut, each of us would take turns reading the full text of a case then write a digest for the whole class. The digest summarizes the pertinent facts, issues, and court ruling. If the digest was good, sometimes you can get by without reading the whole case.

Similarly, I read nonfiction books for information. I choose books that can help me increase my knowledge, deepen my understanding, improve my life, and further my career. When I find a great book, I want to share it with you. I’ll tell you what it offers so you can decide if it’s relevant to you or if you want to read it.

I only review nonfiction books, particularly in business, startups, social trends, data, education, literacy, efficiency, and technology. I don’t rely merely on bestsellers or popular titles.

My standard is: a book should not waste our time. We have better things to do than endure a bad book. If a book doesn’t make the cut, I don’t bother to review it.

I also want to support writers and increase literacy.

I hope my recommendations help you.

You can find more book reviews on Instagram @ivydigest. Till we read again!