Bobby Ongpin

Roberto “Bobby” Velayo Ongpin

has built a $2-billion fortune literally from scratch, starting with a 500-ha. speck of Pacific island called Balesin, just 115 kms. southeast of Manila, and extending to a portfolio of prime properties in the Makati business district and up north near Baguio, the summer capital.  

Today, Balesin Island Club (BIC) is the members-only go-to-beach getaway for the rich, famous, and Manila’s elite.  BIC already has 2,000 members.  However, its villas, facilities, amenities, and lush and uncorrupted forest can service up to 5,000 members.

Bobby Ongpin wants to open membership to high networth individuals overseas, particularly the elite from Japan, China, ASEAN, Australia and beyond.

Balesin will be linked by boat and helicopter to a much bigger resort, the 732-ha. Balesin International Gateway resort on Patnanungan island, 100 kms away. Patnanungan’s beach opens December 2022.

RVO’s Alphaland Corp. is today the hugely profitable Philippine premier developer of high-end resorts and property projects. It is the only property developer in the world that is debt-free.