Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon

Olympian, historian, tycoon, organizer, thought leader, global peacebuilder No Korean, in fact, no Asian, has embraced with such intense visioning and passion a man’s quest for peace and the reunification of the two Koreas. Dr. […]


Bobby Ongpin

Roberto “Bobby” Velayo Ongpin has built a $2-billion fortune literally from scratch, starting with a 500-ha. speck of Pacific island called Balesin, just 115 kms. southeast of Manila, and extending to a portfolio of prime […]

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By Representative Joey Sarte Salceda 1. Second agricultural revolution (government support harmonization, farmer and land consolidation, condonation of agrarian reforms loans) 2. Science and technology and R/D for change (S4CP) 3. Digital transformation and national […]

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Another woman for a national leader

Sara Duterte-Carpio (born Sara Zimmerman Duterte; May 31, 1978), also known as Inday Sara by the Davaoeños, is a Filipina lawyer, politician and the incumbent Mayor of Davao City. She also served as the city mayor from June 30, 2010 until June 30, […]

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Bongbong Marcos: His track record

Born : Sept. 13, 1957 Age : 64 Education •  He completed his undergraduate studies at Oxford University and graduated with a Special Diploma in Social Studies.  • He also earned units in Business Administration […]