Filipinx —Heritage Recipes from the Disapora

What better way to learn and celebrate another’s culture than through delicious food?!

Renowned chef Angela shares 78 recipes on popular traditional Filipino dishes, sauces, drinks, and desserts—but with a twist! She adds her own tweak that elevates the flavor. Like her adobo process that I’ve never been told to do.

I love Angela’s cookbook! She shares her story of emigrating to the US as she shares her recipes. It’s a daunting undertaking, with so many creative hands at play. The photos by Alex Lau vibrantly capture the delectable array of mouthwatering food. And the styling is classic with a modern slant. It’s gorgeous and atypical that I repeatedly peruse the pages for inspiration.

This is a great addition for cookbook collectors and foodies. This cookbook/memoir format reminds me of another Bay Area chef, Alan Cailan in his 2020 “Amboy—Recipes from the Filipino-American Dream.” I hope more Filipino creatives adopt this format to tell their story as they share their work. Kain na! (Let’s eat!)

By Angela Dimayuga & Ligaya Mishan

Photos by Alex Lau

Hardcover, 288 pages, 2021.