Inflation: Public Enemy No. 1

By Antonio S. Lopez By this time, inflation is Public Enemy No. 1 of the Filipino. Inflation is the rate of increase in prices.  Prices of nearly all consumer goods and services have risen.   The […]


Economic outlook worsens

The global economic situation has turned for the worse.  The world’s economic growth will slow down this year.  This year, more people will be hungry or hungrier, and more will be poor and poorer still.  […]


Oil shock, food shock

Of the 100 points of the consumer price index (CPI), which is used to measure inflation or the rate of movement in prices, 38.98 is eaten up by food, 22.47 by utilities (housing, water, electricity, […]

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Opening Up

Foreign equity restrictions will be eased out which shall attract more global players that will modernize several sectors such as telecommunications, shipping, air carriers, railway, and subways.  There will be increased competition… which will generate […]