By Paul Nicklen

Foreword by Leonardo di Caprio

Text also by Kim Frank

Oversize hardcover, 344 pages, 2018.

teNeues Publishing

Born to Ice showcases the life’s work of an artist whose love for the landscape, and each animal in it, is so palpable that emotion echoes throughout every image,” writes Leonardo di Caprio who collaborates with Paul to save the environment.

Paul is a Canadian photographer, marine biologist, and conservationist with over 30 awards for photojournalism.

This book is the culmination of Paul’s 25 years of work in the most frigid and desolate places on earth.

Paul endures conditions not fit for humans just to capture breathtaking panoramas and wildlife close-ups. He dives with his equipment under arctic ice and camps in a blizzard!

In 178 photos, we see animals in their natural habitat—penguins, polar and grizzly bears, narwhals, humpback and beluga whales, walruses, and different seals (leopard and elephant).

I love the bear peeking into Paul’s cabin and the leaping penguin shown here.

Paul takes us where we cannot go so we can marvel at nature’s beauty.

“To witness the Arctic and Antarctica through Paul Nicklen’s lens is to experience hope in action,” writes Leonardo di Caprio.

Enjoy the snow before it all disappears.

—- Ivy Lopez @IvyDigest