9 Minutes a Day to Greater Flexibility, Less Pain, and Enhanced Performance the JoeTherapy Way

By Joe Yoon

Hardcover, 198 pages, 2020.

St. Martin’s Essentials

Joe Yoon is a certified personal trainer, licensed massage therapist, and founder of the fitness training JoeTherapy.

He helps Olympic gold medalists, professional athletes, champion bodybuilders, and Hollywood stars reach their fitness goals in as little as nine minutes a day!

Joe explains crucial stretches and modify them to your level and give you a 30-day plan for maximum results in the shortest time.

He shares stretches for the desk-bound office worker and The World’s Greatest Stretches (seen in the photos).

Stretching helps you avoid injuries because it warms up the joints and muscles and keeps you limber.

“But the most important reason to gain flexibility is that it helps you move more easily in real life.”

I didn’t value my freedom of movement until I pulled my shoulderblade muscles hauling books! It’s painful to move but I’ve been doing Joe’s stretches to help ease me back into shape. You really don’t need more than 9 minutes to stretch well.

So try to stretch a few minutes daily to stay pain-free.