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Whenever a sitting president is perceived as corrupt to the core, the outrage, by the public, is untrammeled and immediate.   People know how to handle such corrupt public officials—defenestration.  Throw the rascals out of the […]

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Bongbong Marcos for President

Ferdinand Marcos was a strong and decisive leader.  He unified the country.   He gave his people a sense of history, a sense of purpose and a sense of nationhood.   He rescued the country from a […]

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BBM: Pay special attention to the poor; capitalism socially unacceptable; government must be competent and ethical

By Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. (Excerpts from a speech before Asia CEOs, July 29, 2018.  They are being published here because the speech remains current) My vision of our country is one that can overcome […]

Book Review

Broken (in the best possible way)

By Jenny Lawson Hardcover, 287 pages, 2021. Henry Holt & Co I approached this book with trepidation because it dealt with anxiety, depression, disease, physical ailments, chronic pain, and mental illness. Notorious downers. Who wants […]